ABB Auto Reclosing System

ABB Auto Reclosing System consist of 3 components, ie
  • F…. series 2 Pole or 4 Pole RCCB
  • Motor Model: F2C-ARI-30
  • Transformer Model: TM15/12

The F2C-ARI auto-reclosing device, installed to the right side of the residual current circuit breakers, automatically performs three reclosing attempts in the event of a fault. If the result of the three reclosing attempts is negative, the device enters a locked state, signalling the failure of the resetting attempt via the 1NO+1NC signal change-over contact and via the LED on the front of the device

It is advisable to use motor with a 30sec delay reset time because:-
  • It avoids far too soon re-setting of the system
  • 30 second delay time will give the system a longer time to discharge current before it starts functioning again
  • Frequent tripping may cause the life-span of the equipment to be shortened