DUVAL® Motorised Multi Auto Recloser with Type "AI" RCCB (DAR 330)

DUVAL® Motorised Multi Auto Recloser (DAR330) is used with the DRD2 and DRD4 Type “AI” series RCCB to function as one full device to automatically reset and reclose a circuit caused by nuisance tripping and leakage current.

DAR330 is widely used in unmanned telecommunication transmission stations, highly isolated areas that require frequent services, irrigation systems, traffic lights control where the nuisance tripping has caused numerous loss in revenue.

The DAR330 main function is to automatically reclose the circuit when a nuisance tripping is detected. Depending on the number of resetting and the delay reset time selected, the user has a wide choice to selectively pre-set the system according to their requirement by simply turning the selector knob for no. of resetting and delay reset located on the control panel.

In addition, it has the Intelligent Trip Function to constantly checking and monitoring the power supply network. It will reset the system if it is due to nuisance tripping or to permanently disable the system if it is due to leakage current fault.