Tip : 16mm 304L Stainless steel
Body : 304L Stainless steel
Weight : 3.6kg

In accordance with the procedure detailed in the French standard NFC 17-102, 2011. This NEW GENERATION 2 range of lightning conductors has been subject to in-depth research and numerous tests in international recognized approved laboratories.

Based on the highly successful design on the previous SATELIT+ESE, Duval Messien uses the latest state-of-art-technology to further enhance the quality and performance of the New Generation “SATELIT+G2” ESE Lightning Conductor.

SATELIT+G2 is designed and manufactured according to NFC 17-102, 2011. It uses 304L quality stainless steel to provide high resistance to impacts, corrosion with chemical agents as its body material. Therefore it is suitable for all environment whether in high humidity climates, sea shores, petroleum industries, or in any exposed industrial sites.

The internal electrical components selected for the SATELIT+G2 are of military grade, completely protected insides is a dielectric resin block, the resin block is fully waterproof and heat resistance to last for a long time.

The spark gap, made of solid stainless steel, is designed to conduct currents greater than 180kA, linking the tip of the ESE to the earth. In static configuration, the tip is internally connected to the earth to provide a perfect protection of the electronic equipment, by effectively rerouting current from lightning strikes to the earth. SATELIT+G2 has a tester to check the unit function before it is installed at site.





Tip : 304L Stainless steel
Body : 304L Stainless steel
Weight : 4.0kg

In compliance with NFC 17-102, 2011. The SATELIT 3 was created around a shell in stainless steel 304L in order to guarantee a very good resistance to shocks, to corrosion and to chemical agents. It can be installed with any risk in chlorine areas, in countries with high humidity rate or on exposed industrial sites.

The SATELIT 3 is powered by a NI-MH type battery, continuously recharged by three indestructible, flexible solar cells, specially developed for Duval Messien. The heated encapsulation process used in manufacturing them ensures excellent tightness as well as improved protection against damage. The faces of each cell are made of Ethylene Tetra Fluoro-Ethylene (ETFE) copolymer material, making it waterproof. As well as being adhesion resistant, it does not turn yellow or crack up over time.

The electronical components of SATELIT 3 are perfectly protected inside an inert resin block. The spark gap, manufactured in massive inox, allows conducing currents superiors to 180kA.

SATELIT 3 has the same operating principles as SATELIT+G2, with additional features. SATELIT 3 polarizes the tip of the lightning conductor to a voltage included between 35kV and 45kV, in synchronization with the growth of the descending tracer and imposing to the ascending tracer an anticipated release regarding to the tracer which emanated from a simple rod lightning conductor

Each SATELIT ESE Lightning Conductor is completely assembled and tested at the factory. It is supplied with a certificate of AUTHENTICITY & GUARANTEE.