DUVAL® Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCB)


Model: DM6 Series : B Curve 6kA
  : C Curve 6kA
Model: DM10 Series : C Curve10kA
International : Intertek ELT SEMKO
Malaysia : Suruhanjaya Tenaga
  : Sirim QAS International
  : Emal List Reference
Standard Compliance : IEC 60898 / EN 60898
  • MCB is used for protection and control of circuit against short circuit and overload of an installation
  • Type of curve available for DM6 & DM10 series
    • B Curve – Instant Tripping Current of 3x1n to 5x1n for resistive loads, such as Electrical heating, water heater and Stoves
    • C Curve – Instant Tripping Current of 5x1n to 10x1n for loads such as lighting, socket-outlets, small motors with small switching load

B Curve 6kA 1 Pole
In A Model
6A DM61B6A
10A DM61B10A
16A DM61B16A
20A DM61B20A
25A DM61B25A
32A DM61B32A
40A DM61B40A
50A DM61B50A
63A DM61B63A
C Curve 6kA 1 Pole
In A Model
6A DM61C6A
10A DM61C10A
16A DM61C16A
20A DM61C20A
25A DM61C25A
32A DM61C32A
40A DM61C40A
50A DM61C50A
63A DM61C63A
C Curve 10kA 1 Pole
In A Model
6A DM101C6A
10A DM101C10A
16A DM101C16A
20A DM101C20A
25A DM101C25A
32A DM101C32A
40A DM101C40A
50A DM101C50A
63A DM101C63A
B Curve 6kA 2 Pole
In A Model
6A DM62B6A
10A DM62B10A
16A DM62B16A
20A DM62B20A
25A DM62B25A
32A DM62B32A
40A DM62B40A
50A DM62B50A
63A DM62B63A
C Curve 6kA 2 Pole
In A Model
6A DM62C6A
10A DM62C10A
16A DM62C16A
20A DM62C20A
25A DM62C25A
32A DM62C32A
40A DM62C40A
50A DM62C50A
63A DM62C63A
C Curve 10kA 2 Pole
In A Model
6A DM102C6A
10A DM102C10A
16A DM102C16A
20A DM102C20A
25A DM102C25A
32A DM102C32A
40A DM102C40A
50A DM102C50A
63A DM102C63A
B Curve 6kA 3 Pole
In A Model
6A DM63B6A
10A DM63B10A
16A DM63B16A
20A DM63B20A
25A DM63B25A
32A DM63B32A
40A DM63B40A
50A DM63B50A
63A DM63B63A
C Curve 6kA 3 Pole
In A Model
6A DM63C6A
10A DM63C10A
16A DM63C16A
20A DM63C20A
25A DM63C25A
32A DM63C32A
40A DM63C40A
50A DM63C50A
63A DM63C63A
C Curve 10kA 3 Pole
In A Model
6A DM103C6A
10A DM103C10A
16A DM103C16A
20A DM103C20A
25A DM103C25A
32A DM103C32A
40A DM103C40A
50A DM103C50A
63A DM103C63A