Household/End Users Application

The ideal private home lightning protection system has three (3) sectors:

Why Choose LV Control Sdn Bhd? Why choose L.V.Control?

  1. LV Control have expert knowledge and technologies
  2. We have solutions at all three (3) sectors for your full protection, including with a full range of surge arrester for your selection.
  3. Up-to-date technologies and you have direct information from us as the manufacturer
  4. Competitive prices direct from us as the manufacturer to you as the home owner
  5. An established brand in the lightning protection industry with major job references and testimonies
  6. Products are fully certified to the highest level of international certification

Therefore, the question becomes "Why not?"

LV Control Services include:

Service Level Customers' Expectations
Free and non-obligatory phone-in technical discussion with experienced technicians. Guided information exchange for better understanding of how to select the most suitable model for lightning protection system.
Site inspection by specialised technician, with clear identification badge and uniform, lead by qualified engineers. A full basic or detailed value for money package reporting, with photos at each location for proposal.
Non-obligatory quotation based on site report. Detailed discussion with qualified engineer to ensure product and location selected are best fits its proposal.
Free maintenance service after installation by our qualified technicians. Free periodic site inspection based on quantity package value.
Maintenance service contract Periodic visit by technician team with minimum cost