DUVAL® Surge Protection Device (SPD)

The effect of direct and indirect lightning strikes to buildings and structures causes power surges that are induced through the power cables on to the mains electrical distribution system which can be disastrous and the effect could result to all forms of electrical and electronic equipment premature ageing, malfunction or damaged.

Because of its robust design, the Duval® Powerline Lightning Surge Arrester (PLSA) is capable of diverting high surge energy from both direct (10/350us) and indirect (8/20us) lightning current and overvoltages to ground and limit a low let through voltage across its terminals.

Duval® Powerline Lightning Surge Arrester (PLSA) is manufactured based on the latest state of art technology to cater for different requirement. Its configuration comes in 2 designs, based on:

  • 3+1 Technology  (MOV and Spark-gap Technology)
  • All mode or 7 Mode Technology  (All MOV Technology)

Both configurations use only the highest quality material of Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) combining with strong Spark-gap or Gas Discharge Tube Technology to cater for very high surge energy.

Class 1: Powerline Lightning Surge Arrester (PLSA 1)

Class 2: Powerline Lightning Surge Arrester (PLSA 2)

Class 3: Powerline Lightning Surge Arrester (PLSA 3)